Have you ever wanted to play in a band?  Perform on stage?


  • Learn guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocal skills

  • Form a band and play songs by your favourite artists

  • Write songs

  • Perform Live for friends and family

  • No musical experience required

MSR 2020 Sessions -CANCELLED

Due to the COVID-19 and Federal/Provincial restrictions, all MSR classes for spring and summer and fall 2020 have been cancelled.  We are hoping to restart the program in the winter.  Please stay tuned.

Youth Level 1

10 weekly sessions

plus final concert

60 minutes per session

3:30pm or 4:45pm

Monday or Wednesday

Level 1 classes are for new students & returning students that are still learning their instrument(s) and how to perform on stage


Youth Level 2

10 weekly sessions

plus final concert

75 minutes per session

3:30pm or 4:45pm

Monday or Wednesday

Level 2 classes are for students that have either attended a minimum of one session of Level 1, or new skilled students to be approved by audition.  Level 2 is based on skill level, attitude, commitment and teamwork. 


Adult Basic

10 weekly sessions

plus final concert

90 minutes per session

5:30pm or 7:30pm

Monday or Wednesday

Come out to the adult version of Marsh Street Rocks.  Whether you are a novice or you already have mad skills, you will learn to play in a band live on stage like the Rockstar you were meant to be.


Adult Extended

10 weekly sessions

plus final concert

120 minutes per session

5:30pm or 7:30pm

Monday or Wednesday

If you want additional time to hone your skills or practice those new songs with your bandmates, this is the adult Rockstar class for you.


  • Students will be allocated to the appropriate class as determined by the instructor.

  • Maximum class size: 6 students

  • Bursaries are available, please contact the office to discuss.

  • Meals/snacks or beverages will not be provided by MSR.  The parents/students are responsible to bring their own.

  • Transportation to/from the Marsh Street Centre will not be provided by MSR

Gary Photo.png

​MSR Instructor:  Gary Gillespie


Our good friend and founder of the ‘Before They Were Famous’ Rock School, Gary Gillespie, runs this program on our behalf.  Gary has extensive experience managing this type of innovative music program and he brings decades of teaching experience and a passion for music that translates into a comfortable and fun experience for kids and teens and adults.

The Marsh Street Centre is pleased to bring this program to the Thornbury/Clarksburg area as part of our mission to enrich the community’s cultural life by supporting local music and music education for children and teens


Marsh Street Rocks! Program Goals:


  • We offer a creative, fun, encouraging and supportive environment for young musicians to discover their own unique talents.

  • We inspire musicians at all levels of experience and ages to explore their own creativity and develop their self-expression in an area of musical interest.

  • We provide a solid foundation in musicianship, a strong basis for music making and offer a positive framework for ongoing development of individual talent.


We support our students to:


  • Make music — to experience and enjoy their own talents and creative output while increasing their abilities to play and perform.

  • Get the know-how to go from the garage to centre stage — the fundamentals of forming a band.

  • Have a well-rounded exposure to the basics of the music biz.

  • Learn the fundamentals of stage performance — including body movement, voice range and projection, stage presence, keeping an audience, handling a mic and manoeuvring on stage.

  • Learn the value of teamwork in a supportive group.

Pictures of Spring Performance - Friday, June 21, 2018

Pictures of Winter Performance - Friday, April 5, 2018