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Dinner For Ten Raffle

Our 10th annual Marsh Street Centre Dinner for 10 Raffle has returned by popular demand. To support the Marsh Street Performing Arts & Community Centre, tickets can be purchased online here:

Enter to win now and you could receive the ultimate dinner suitable for ten people.

The lucky winners will be selected on December 6th at 10 pm!

"How will I know I have won?"

The Marsh Street Centre will contact the winner directly on December 6th.

"Will my tickets be mailed to me?"

Please note, nothing will be shipped to you. We will enter your ballot on your behalf.

"How will I know my tickets were entered?"

Every purchase and ballot is tracked carefully, but if you have purchased online and you would like your ticket number(s), you can send us a message through our website - or call the office at 519-599-7837. We will email your ticket number(s) to you. Paper tickets can also be purchased at 187 Marsh Street, Clarksburg. Due to covid-19, your ticket stubs are filed in our office. If you would like your ticket stub, you can pick it up or we will mail it to you by request only. Office hours are from 10 am to 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Good luck and thank you for your continued support.

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Thank you Tina for your question. This year's dinner will be held at the Marsh Street Centre and is being prepared by food-service certified volunteers.


Where is the dinner for 10 and who is preparing it?

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