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Marsh Street Rocks Blue Mountain

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

The Marsh Street Rocks band 'JACC' entertained at the Blue Mountain Santa Ski on Monday, Dec. 23 and blew everyone away with their performance. The band, comprised of Josh Gloster, Alasdair Schnelten, Cadence Brassard and Charlie Wilson (JACC), kept the registering Santa's and ski crowd dancing to Christmas tunes and classic rock songs for over 2 hours despite frozen fingers and a bitter blowing wind. Gary Gillespie (MSR Instructor and bandmate) joined in with the kids to fill in where necessary and as usual was the band leader, coach, roadie and confidant throughout the day. Over 700 (706 to be exact) Santas, Elves and other Christmas themed skiers registered for the Santa Ski hosted by Blue Mountain Resorts and when they all skied down just after 10 am, JACC played a rock version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to set the tone. Everyone was complimentary of JACC's performance and some folks commented that they were the best part of the day...and I believe they were.

Thanks to everyone at Blue Mountain Resorts (Jackie, Tara and Ashley and many more) for your hospitality and support and to the parents (Rachel, Kristen, Shelagh, Debra and Scott) for being the dancing cheerleaders and frozen groupies for the band all day. Thanks also to the Marsh Street folks (Florian, Robert and Kerrie) who made this possible including some last minute printing by Linda Wykes from Riverside Graphics to get the MSR posters and cards available for the event

We look forward to more events at The Village with our talented MSR bands and our new friends at Blue Mountain Resorts. MARSH STREET ROCKS!!

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