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MSR! Fall Concert was Amazing!

The concert performance of Marsh Street Rocks! (MSR!) on Saturday night showcased our talented kids and adults from the program. The bands started off with a bang when the lead singer (Myles Gordon) from our first kids' band (World of Rock) leapt off the stage into the crowd. Luckily no one was hurt and the crowd really got into his original song "Party in the Bathroom"...still stuck in my head. The show continued to build all night with strong performances by 'Da Flamingos', 'Patriots' and our MSR kids performance group - J.A.C.C., All the bands were amazing and especially the young performers who have learned to play multiple instruments over the past ten weeks. They really showed the Rockstar spirit throughout the night playing original tunes and rock classics from 'Party in the Bathroom' to songs from The Cars, Tom Petty, The Hip and many more.

Next up were our "near adult" performers 'RaCKeTT' - rocking out for the first time on stage with some funky guitar and a blues harp. To cap off the night our MSR all girl band 'The Marshas' took the stage in style to show off their inner rock star moves and even included a cello and a ukulele into their growing ensemble of six members. They are so popular that there is a waiting list just to join the band and their groupies came out in full force to cheer them on (with beer in hand).

Of course, the centrepiece of all of this burgeoning talent is Gary Gillespie; teacher, bandmate, technical master, roadie, music arranger and all around good guy. Without Gary, MSR would not be what it is today. In partnership with the Marsh Street Centre Board since 2015, Gary has managed to help us realize our dream of bringing the community together and providing fun, safe music experiences to kids and adults in our area.

We would also like to thank the MSC staffers Krista Voigt and Kerrie Muschalla for organizing the practice sessions , collecting fees, marketing the concerts, setting up the concerts, arranging volunteers, etc., etc. We are blessed to have strong support from our volunteer community with Florian Lenders back at the Marsh leading the program, Tim Bristow - the king all things handy, Florian and Aaron Lenders - setup, Brian Charron - sound and lights, Sherrie Lee and Mark Currie - running hectic the bar, Joan Gaudet, Judy Shield and Shelagh McKee - serving up the fabulous pizza from our friends a Foodland , Kristin Schnelten and Krista Voigt - taking photos of the event and Florian, Brittany Knight, Krista, Rob Voigt, Kerrie, Sherry and many others - helping with cleanup and teardown. It takes a lot of people to keep this program running and we appreciate all the support we get and the many donations to keep it rocking If you would like to volunteer or donate to the Marsh please go to the 'Support Us' section of our website and sign up or donate or drop a couple of bucks in the donations boxes in the Centre.

Thanks to all the 'Marsh Street Rocks!' :

World of Rock

Leif Aeberhardt

Myles Gordon

Elliott Damianov

Finlay Barrett

Aaron Pitts Brown

Da Flamingos

Alice Currie

Maia Footman

Rowan Voigt

Owen Pitts Brown

Charley Sykes

Finn Sykes

Neven Barber


Aaron Pitts Brown

Xavier Churchill

Abby Dilts

Adele Herbert

Jarod Herbert

J.A.C.C. ( Performance Group )

Josh Gloster

Alasdair Schnelten

Cadence Brassard

Charlie Wilson


Kathleen Wills

Tim Peloso

Anthony Traversa

Randy Bourne

Christine Bourne

The Marsha’s

Laura Goddard

Brittany Knight

Kerrie Muschalla

Lindsay Herbert

Kasey Dale Erskine

Samantha Pollock

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