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The Marsh Does Christmas Dinner Right!

On Sunday 8Th December, the Marsh Street Centre hosted its annual community Christmas dinner which, this year was enjoyed by as many as 250 people. The event, which is hosted and run by the MSC Board of Directors and their partners, was probably the largest yet and consumed 13 turkeys and 60 lbs.

of potatoes. Many thanks are due to Dave Dick Realty for sponsoring the turkeys and to Carol Lancaster for home baking all the dinner rolls and many of the desserts – their help contributed to the resounding success of the meal. Thanks are also due to Matilda Swanson Gallery for the loan of artwork which graced the walls and to Sarah Filion personally for her assistance with decoration.

There was a steady stream of guests from 5pm until 7pm who enjoyed meeting and socializing with their neighbours, family and friends in the true spirit of the season. Many made generous donations to the Marsh and everyone’s participation is really appreciated. Opinions were largely unanimous that this is one of the ‘best turkey dinners around’ and was widely considered to be even better than last year. No paper plates or plastic cutlery was used, so our environmental footprint was minimized largely due to the sterling efforts of our dishwashers, enabling plates and flatware to be reused during the evening.

We have set ourselves a high bar but hope that next year’s dinner can be even better. This event is a beautiful example of the MSC fulfilling its vision to be ‘The Cultural Heart of the Community’

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