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Marsh Street Rocks inspires young people and adults alike to unleash their creative talents, develop their musical skills, and bond through performing. 

  • Learn guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals

  • Group format: play as a band

  • No experience required

  • Each session closes with a live performance 

Thank you to our community for your strong support of this program! 

MSR will return in Fall 2022.
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Craig Smith,
Program Lead

Craig Smith is a talented local songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer, recording artist, in-demand producer, mixer and sound engineer.


He has toured internationally, released 2 solo albums, is a member of the popular bands Motown & Marley and ONTARIANS

We're so excited to have his passion and expertise guide the Marsh Street Rocks program. 

Class Info

Hosted at Marsh Street Centre, Clarksburg ON


Classes Mondays or Wednesdays



Program Goals


  • We offer a creative, fun, encouraging and supportive environment for young musicians to discover their own unique talents.

  • We inspire musicians at all levels of experience and ages to explore their own creativity and develop their self-expression in an area of musical interest.

  • We provide a solid foundation in musicianship, a strong basis for music making and offer a positive framework for ongoing development of individual talent.


We support our students to:

  • Make music — to experience and enjoy their own talents and creative output while increasing their abilities to play and perform.

  • Get the know-how to go from the garage to centre stage — the fundamentals of forming a band.

  • Have a well-rounded exposure to the basics of the music biz.

  • Learn the fundamentals of stage performance — including body movement, voice range and projection, stage presence, keeping an audience, handling a mic and maneuvering on stage.

  • Learn the value of teamwork in a supportive group.

COVID-19 Protocols

The Marsh Street Rocks program will continue to follow COVID-19 protocols based on the current Ontario government guidelines at the time of the program.

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