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   and have a lot of fun supporting your local community!


A non-profit organization like The Marsh Street Centre cannot exist without volunteers 


Volunteers are 'very important people' and the very heart of the Centre.  Volunteers bring new ideas, skills, knowledge and unique experiences to enrich the Centre.  They are an essential component of our organization.


Volunteers make up our Board of Directors, plan and manage events and activities, take care of maintaining our 97 year old building, and support community members and groups who hold classes, meetings and events in this historic space.


Volunteering at the Marsh Street Centre will also help you become more aware of our community's cultural life.


Whatever your interests or skills, we can find a place for you at Marsh Street Centre, and we will benefit from all you have to offer.


Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • bartender - Smart Serve required

  • event ticket sales

  • event promotion and marketing

  • sound technician

  • event setup and tear down

  • kitchen help

  • food preparation

  • general maintenance

  • rental host

  • fundraising

  • membership drives

  • sponsorship

For more information, please contact or fill in the form below We appreciate your interest!

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