Rent The Marsh

The Marsh Street Centre is available as a rental facility for community groups and individuals that may require a special event facility for less than 10 or up to 200 people.  We can rent our facility for an hour, a day, an evening or a full weekend.  


Events such as weddings, celebrations, birthdays, memorials, annual meetings, regular meetings, rehearsals, concerts, dinners, workshops, lectures and classes happen within the Centre’s walls every month. We also cater to workshops, clubs and training sessions that may run once or twice a week or on a seasonal basis. We have a fully functional kitchen and we can provide on-site catering services as well as a full bar service removing the headache of licensing, setup, teardown and staffing.  Contact us for full details.


The MSC has the facilities and services you need at a reasonable price. As a non-profit organization, the revenue we make from rentals helps keep our doors open for all at a price that you can afford.  The next time you are planning an event just say "Meet Me at the Marsh".  


Please email Krista Voigt at to inquire on availability and rates   

 or call us at 519-599-7837 Tuesday or Thursday from 10am to 1pm.

NEW - 15% discount to our regular renters! Contact us for details.

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